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Today's headlines remind us how desperately change is needed. Corruption can be found from Kindergarten to Congress, from Wall Street to Main Street.

  • Greed is everywhere. Deceitfulness and distortion are as rampant in the "holy houses" as they are in the "hood."  Ministers molesting! Moms murdering! Kids Killing! Are we not the most despicable creatures on earth today?  Look at us: Consuming everything or anybody in our way, just because we can. Nothing is safe or sacred in our sight, and yet we call ourselves human. Human? No! Welcome to the subhuman race. 

By the content of this book, many will be shocked to find that "human" is the highest form of life in the universe: That's right, but sad to say, we are not human! The belief that we are human is the greatest deception mankind has ever fallen for.  Enough is enough.

Imagine being human, and then suffering a great "mutation" that made us less than human, (subhuman) causing us not to know the difference between the two.

Within these pages you will learn from a truly Human One who broke into our time and space to clarify and help us onvercome our dilemma, by giving us the opportunity to return to our former true human state. You will love Humans: Offspring of Aliens...


Would it be so shocking to consider the possibility that we are the offspring of aliens? Wouldn't that answer many of the questions that we have about our Who, What and Why? The title of this book, Humans: Offspring of Aliens and the Subhuman Race, may shock you, but a shock may be just what you need. When someone's heart stops, medics ofter shock the individual in an effort to get the heart beating again. If the shock achieves the desired result, the individual is appreciative. I know I appreciated the shock that woke me up to the truth of our existence. The information in this book renewed life for me, and yet it's so simple that even a child could understand it completely.

Speeking of children, today there is much commuynication going on without a word even being spoken. Txt messaging is a perfect example. I know that there'e a generation gap to contend with today, as there always has been. I honestly have to shake my head and consider there is a good possibility that aliens may already live amongst us.  It's possible thses aliens infiltrated our world by being born as our children, primarily because these unique offspring of ours communicate with one another with such grace and percision right before our eyes and ears, and yet we, who consider ourselves intelligent, don't have a clue as to what thoughts are being exchanged. If ind it very interesting that the words they txt or speak to one another may mean nothing to us, but are perfectly clear to them. If by some chance they are aliens who don't want us to know what they're talking about, they have accomplished their mission quite effectively.

Yet, we can agree that words in any language are a means of communication a thought or message to others. That is their purpose. No wores in themselves are better than any other words, but the message or thought they are trying to convey can be priceless or worthless. Sometime the same words can and do convey completely different messages. I sincerely hope that your will not think the words and language that I am using to convey this unique message, Humans: Offspring of Aliens and the Subhuman Race, are in any way written to confuse or mislead you. It's just the opposite. I want the readers to understand exactly  what I am saying and the meaning I attribute to those words. Due to the subject matter of this book, this will be a great task because each individual may comprehend different meanings thought they all see the the same words. 

Some may find this book's message and information helpful in understanding life itself. Some others may find it utter foolishmess. That depends on how deeply indoctrinated they have become in wht they think of their Who, What and Why. I know the word alien has different implications in today's society.  Truly, this book may forever change the way you think of creatures or beings from another realm, or world. We must not speculate about unknown visitors, but instead focus on what is known. Deception lives within the unknow. 

I will never forget an episode of Rod Serling's Twilight Zone that I watched as a kid in the 1960's. The story concerned some seemingly benevolent aliens who visit earth with their intentions clearly stated in the title of the large book they presented to tsheir earthly hosts. Like the episode it's self, the book was titled To Serve Man. The people were amazed at how friendly, kind, cordial and loving these aliens were. They appeared before the heads of governments, the military, the United Nations, and the citizens watching on television. They promised they could help our planet, make our lives better, and even make us healthier. We earthlings began to experience all the things they promised. Those who were convinced that the aliens were here to serve mankind trusted them and became great friends. The aliens were so helpful that they received permission to bring more space ships here. They convinced us that we could bring peace to the planet by destroying al weapons. Befor long, our visitors asked if any earthlings would be interested in visiting their planet. Hundreds lined up to go.

Meanwhile, a team of scientists were trying to interpret the book that the aliens brought with them.  Its title was in English, but the remaining text was in an unfamiliar language. After weeks of shuttles from earth to the alien planet, it became apparent that no one way returning. The aliens said nobody wanted to return to earth because thay liked their home better than ours. This revelation only inspired more eathlings to want to make the journey. One of the scientists who had been working on deciphering the book considered visiting the alien planet to get more information. One day, his curiosity got the best of him, and he packed a bag and was ready to take the next shuttle. He said his goodbyes and left the office, and got in line to board the space craft. 

The team he was leaving behind was still working on deciphering the book. The same day, one of his team members had a breakthrough with the language. She immediately ran across town to the launching site to share the findings with her colleague. She saw him climbing the steps, preparing to board the spacecraft, and called out to him. She had to yell to get his attention. The book, she screamed, "The book . . is a cookbook! It's a cookbook!" The camera then caught the scientist's reaction. His expression was similar to the one you might be making right now. It was a look of great surprise. Quickly, an alien pushed the now reluctant, and terrified, scientist aboard, and off they wentl. I never forgot the double meaning that those words, To Serve Man, conveyed.

Here were the same words, but with two completely different meanings. The title of this book may seem to have a double meaning, but don't let it fool you. It means exactly what it says. I promise not to use any deceptive words to lead you away from the truth, or to hide it, bringing out the truth is my goal. Unlike the example of the young people I described earlier, every reader will know exactly what I mean.

There are some individuals who use deceptive words knowing that two completely different meanings can work to their advantage. Polititcians are expers at this, just like the aliens with their cookbook. So please don't judge my book too quickly. It just might surprise you.

Be patient with me as we decipher words we have all used in trying to communicate our beliefs about the known and unknown (aliens, ET's UFO's.) This subject has always been controversial, and I find it quite amusing with all the talk of aliens that there's little if any proof of their existence. Where the heck are they; could all this be a diversion or a big hoax to keep us distracted from all the folish nonsence being played out her on earth?

This book may not be received by the masses of our species primarily because they believe they are human. If you're ready for a life changing shock with the best kept secret of the ages, I will prove that we have no way of understanding the Who, What and Why of our existence apart from the visit of a truly, "other" that us alien. The shocking news is that this visitor from out of the world was human; and he actually exposed us to the truth that we are not human at all, but actually subhuman. Throughout this book I will try my best to explain the unique one, who by his visit to us, reveals a clear distinction between the two (human vs. subhuman. ) Please overlook my imperfect, subhuman writting skills while I try my best to explain this unique one that is other than us. (And I'll bet this is the first book you ever read written by someone who claims to be subhuman.)

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Douglas Koorey was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Working alongside his father in the family's jewelry business, he acquired the skill that have earned him an international reputation as a creator of custom-designed fine jewwlry. As founder, along with his wife Nancy, of the Dream Center Cleveland, he helped improve the lives of the economically disadvantaged residents of the inner-city. 

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